I know I know.

I'm a lousy blogger.

I can't even blog consistently. Yea throw me to the stakes and burn me. XP

Life has been an adventure for me lately.

1. I got a car
Made a decision that it was time I make a car purchase as it is getting increasingly tiresome for me to travel to places that I feel like going sometimes relying purely on public transport.

When I look at the amount that I have to commit, I almost fainted. Then I started to think about extra insurance, maintenance, toll, petrol, parking, I fainted again. It's time I manage my money better I think. No more splurging on Magic cards but only buying the cards I use perhaps.

It's amazing how my parents manage their money when we were growing up. They don't earn much, but they managed to get a car and a house while raising us. Now, I can hardly make ends meet. I blame inflation. LOL.

2. New job!!
Got a new job in the advertising industry. More macro job scope compared to Nuffnang but boy it's not easy. I'll learn the best I can so I can bring value to this new company of mine. Unfortunately, I can't reveal where I am working in my blog for privacy reasons but rest assured I'm well taken care of. ^_^

3. Puppies growing up
Well, it's a bit of happy and sadness here. Zizi gave birth to 6 puppies. Along the way, 2 died due to malnutrition (they didn't manage to drink enough milk). T_T Zach and I were devastated when it happened. Now, the 4 remaining puppies are growing up so fast and strong. They run around the house (hop like a rabbit too thanks to Zuzu's genes) like nobody's business and also started to appreciate attention spent on them.

I've got a feeling I'll miss them very very much when they leave me. If you know anyone who wants to have a puppy which is Shih Tzu & Cotton Terrier mixed, do let me know via the comments. I'll be posting a video maybe sometime this week to show each of them with their nicknames I came up with (don't wanna name them yet).

I guess that's it for me this time.

See you guys around. ;)



Joshua said...

Commitment! That's the scariest word for me.

What's the new car on ur mind? Heeheh

Shih Tzu + Cotton Terrier = Curly Long Hair Shih Tzu?

Robb said...

Getting a Persona.

My girl Cotton Terrier's fur isn't curly to be honest. So I doubt it will curl. But they are just so cute la!

Simon Seow said...

Yeah, owning a car is not easy. Remember to service it on time and don't be like me have to pay a bigger price later.

voiceitout said...

Hey, remember to post up some pics of your pups, my housemates and colleagues are dog lovers, they might want to adopt one... hehehe

KY said...

good luck at the new place robb!

kruel74 said...

Congrats on ur new job Robb! At least I managed to see u before u when off at the Battle of Los Angeles premiere

Robb said...

simon: got it!

voiceitout: sure thing

ky: thanks dude

kruel: glad to see u too :D

Cheng Im said...

pls keep star girl..keep her..*phulessss*