I Can Haz A Car


I iz now big boyz!

I can haz my own car. Wheeee.

Time really flies. It was as if yesterday that I was listening to BSB songs and going to school. T_T

Now, I have to work cuz of of my commitment. Worse, this bloody car drinks petrol and requires maintenance. Then the yearly insurance and road tax. Wait, did I mention parking and toll in KL is crazy? How did my dad do it last time? It's so tough!! T_T

On the brighter side, I can now save time from taking unreliable public transport, go places a bit further from LRT stations and bring my dogs out too. No, sex inside my car is a little off cause I kinda dislike action inside the car. Why cramp yourself when you have a king size bed to utilize, huh?

Sorry that I'm no longer as picture savvy as my former self. I didn't take a picture of my car. It's a Persona, nothing too fancy but good enough for this poor kid to drive around town.


If you have followed my blog for quite awhile, this won't sound new to you.

I suck at managing money. T_T I don't have savings but thankfully I don't have credit card debt (yet). With the new car, parking, maintenance around, I'm sure this will continue. In fact, I'm starting to cut my expenses with the first one - Magic cards. I'd love to continue playing, but from now on, I'll never buy anymore boosters. I'll instead opt for singles. No more Release parties or Pre-Release for me unless the Promo card is super powerful and capable of reaching RM100/piece.

Next would be eating good food. I'm very willing to pay for good food. I guess this must now stop. I shall never eat overpriced food anymore. Maggi mee, here I come. T_T


The litter of 6 puppies from Zizi was a new life experience for me. 2 passed away due to insufficient nutrients. The remaining 4 was all healthy but for 1. Small girl was quite malnourished as well and thankfully we discovered fast and sent her to the vet. Thanks to the medicine given, she's now gradually recovering but her size is still small.

Big Girl has found a new home last Saturday. Zach's cousin asked for her and Zach gave her Big Girl as long as she promised to take good care of her. Zach took her down to his cousin. When Zach returned, I saw tears in Zach's eyes. We hugged and I assured him that Big Girl would be happy with his cousin. I hope so too. T_T

In case you don't know who they are, check out the video in this post.

With me at home now, I still have BoyBoy, StarGirl and SmallGirl. If you're looking for a puppy, do let me know as I'm willing to sell them at a very affordable price of RM500. Here's a picture of BoyBoy for your eyes. :D

All their names are of course not their real names. Just nicknames for me and Zach to differentiate them at the moment. :)


That's all from me today.

Thanks for dropping by. ;)



hakimfaridzul said...

cute! the puppy!!!!

Robb said...

thanks hakim! :D

wintergurl said...

congrat for u new car.
ur puppy looks cute

Robb said...

thanks wintergurl :D

putuuxor said...

Great, I never knew this, thanks.