I know I know.

I'm a lousy blogger.

I can't even blog consistently. Yea throw me to the stakes and burn me. XP

Life has been an adventure for me lately.

1. I got a car
Made a decision that it was time I make a car purchase as it is getting increasingly tiresome for me to travel to places that I feel like going sometimes relying purely on public transport.

When I look at the amount that I have to commit, I almost fainted. Then I started to think about extra insurance, maintenance, toll, petrol, parking, I fainted again. It's time I manage my money better I think. No more splurging on Magic cards but only buying the cards I use perhaps.

It's amazing how my parents manage their money when we were growing up. They don't earn much, but they managed to get a car and a house while raising us. Now, I can hardly make ends meet. I blame inflation. LOL.

2. New job!!
Got a new job in the advertising industry. More macro job scope compared to Nuffnang but boy it's not easy. I'll learn the best I can so I can bring value to this new company of mine. Unfortunately, I can't reveal where I am working in my blog for privacy reasons but rest assured I'm well taken care of. ^_^

3. Puppies growing up
Well, it's a bit of happy and sadness here. Zizi gave birth to 6 puppies. Along the way, 2 died due to malnutrition (they didn't manage to drink enough milk). T_T Zach and I were devastated when it happened. Now, the 4 remaining puppies are growing up so fast and strong. They run around the house (hop like a rabbit too thanks to Zuzu's genes) like nobody's business and also started to appreciate attention spent on them.

I've got a feeling I'll miss them very very much when they leave me. If you know anyone who wants to have a puppy which is Shih Tzu & Cotton Terrier mixed, do let me know via the comments. I'll be posting a video maybe sometime this week to show each of them with their nicknames I came up with (don't wanna name them yet).

I guess that's it for me this time.

See you guys around. ;)


Attending Interviews

To be honest, I don't see any problems for myself to speak with anyone, especially when it comes to interview. In fact, I dare say, I am very capable of articulating my thoughts and views especially through face to face communication. :D

I remember my first interview in my life. It was in 2003 at UTP, during a special camp for students shortlisted to be offered a PETRONAS scholarship. Upon given a topic to be debated in front of interviewers, I had no problem putting across my points and views. :D

Many years passed by. To my own surprise, I have not attended any interviews as the interviewee till recently. I got my first job from a movie screening so that definitely doesn't count as an interview. LOL. I've been in a lot of interviews as well as the interviewer, looking for suitable candidates to grow my department and was able to see various types of interviewees.

Now, if I'm to judge myself during an interview, I'd say I sure am a very talkative one. How relevant are the things I talk about, would of course be dependent on the subject/topic and preference of the interviewer. Was offered a few positions but I chose to withdraw my application as they needed an answer right away which I can't provide (because I have another offer I really am keen on pending decision from the company).

But of course, I shouldn't put my entire life on 1 job that I'm applying. One should diversify, I must say thus I'm scheduling more interviews and applying at relevant companies which I can bring and create value for the organization. A job for me, is never about taking home the salary to pay my bills, but rather a role that I can fit and grow along with the company I'm in. That's what a job is for me. ;)

My last day in my current company would be on next Friday. Time is running short but I still have my hopes pretty high to be honest. Will share more about myself soon.

P.S. Here's one of the cute puppies I have with me.


Doing the Right Thing

Few nights ago, I got a knock on my house door.

Zuzu and Zizi immediately went to the door and barked. Another person trying to sell things or con me, I thought. Zach, being the better saint among the two of us went to get the door.

It was an Indian woman with a baby in her arms and another boy standing beside her.

"Minta tolong abang. Duit gaji saya belum masuk hari ini kerana hari minggu. Baby saya sudah tiga hari tak minum susu. Minum kopi saja. Minta tolong pinjam duit beli susu.."


"I need help, sir. My salary hasn't been banked in because it's a weekend but my baby has not been drinking milk for the past 3 days but was surviving on coffee. I would like to ask a favor to borrow some money to buy some milk powder for my baby"

I'm not known to be charitable. Most of the time I would brush off anyone who tried to ask me to give my money for charity (because there were so many hoaxes, you just don't know who to trust). However, that night I did something different.

I told the lady that I wasn't going to borrow her any money that evening. But, I would like to buy her baby the milk powder of her choice. She smiled in delight. Zach and I got out of the house with her and took the lift to the grocery store right below our flat. I was very cautious to ensure there weren't anyone hiding behind corners to ambush us or whatever (too much cruelty and crime in KL made me take precaution). It was a genuine plea for help after all.

At the grocery store, I asked the mother which brand of milk powder her baby usually takes and I bought 2 packets for the baby. The mother told me when she was going to pay me back, but I told her, it's all good. I don't need her to repay me but she'll have to promise me not to feed her baby with coffee again.

After that, Zach and I went for dinner and I was, for once, happy that I helped someone genuinely.

P.S. It has always been my motto that if I help someone, it has to be something concrete and not just a plea for money. If anyone is starving and needs food, I've in the past bought food for him/her but never offer money for him/her to buy the food.