I think I'm pretty jaded with life.

I mean come on, it's so routine.

Monday to Friday

  • Wake up
  • Go gym
  • Go work - do stuff which you are paid to do
  • Stuck in jam
  • Dinner
  • Watch internet TV
  • Watch porn
  • Sleep
Saturday & Sunday

  • Wake up
  • Go gym
  • Go play Magic
  • Dinner plans or movies
  • Watch Internet TV
  • Sleep
I know that by doing this I'm limiting myself that I have a very limited things to do but I'm kinda not inspired to move out of the box as well. LOL.

I meant there aren't anything significantly wrong with the routine but sometimes I just feel like a robot doing the same shit different time.

I need excitement in my life, I guess. What can I do which could fit into maybe 1 hour time after work each day or take up 1 of my weekend day?


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