A New Addition to the Family

No, I didn't get a second bf / husband.

Instead my bf / husband got another.

Another puppy. T_T

I now have 4 dogs in the house.

  • Zuzu
  • Zizi
  • Brownie
  • Blackie
Blackie is from Zizi's latest litter (her 4th) and Zach has grown so attached to him that he was unwilling to sell it anymore. Being the useless bf, I couldn't do anything about it and it happened lor.

I did lay down 1 condition though. Zaza now has to be responsible for all their shits and shizz in the living room. If not, Imma move out looooo. LOL. But seriously.. too many dogs is really a bad thing. The shedding, the naughty one which you need to identify who has been biting stuff or bringing shit around the house. Omaigod.

Seriously, if you ever get a dog (assuming you have not), please do not have more than 1. Else, you'll experience tremendous headache in training them properly.

Imma ensure all my dogs will have short hair permanently. Cannot tahan the shedding of long hair.
Not to mention the barking they have developed cause I no longer let them sleep on the bed. T_T

I'm kinda in dilemma lor, with 4 dogs to take care at home now.



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