To be honest, I'm pretty good at ignoring people.

Most of the time, I don't mean to ignore others but I'm just now observant or alert enough. LOL.
But of course, for today's posting it is about intentional acts of ignoring people who you really don't want much to do with.

Some back story first - I kinda wake up every day at 5AM to get ready, the usual brush teeth, pack my clothes and feed my doggies before sending Zach to work (he starts work at 6AM) at Midvalley. The gym opens at 6.30AM and most of the time I drive into the car park and have a quick nap before I hit the gym, shower and head to work.

That's of course, the ideal situation. In order to achieve that, I kinda need sufficient sleep to be energetic enough to workout properly. Without that, I'd usually overslept in the nap and ended up waking up at 7 something where I kinda just go "Fuck it" and just go into the gym for sauna/steam room before showering. Someone used to tell me that sweating in those 2 rooms helps a little in burning calories (but I can imagine it's close to none).

Lately, I haven't been having sufficient sleep no thanks to my lack of discipline. As a result, I hit the steamroom more than the free weights area. Most of the time, I ended up lying down there with the towel covering my genitals just for decency sake.

So today, it was something similar and a balding bulky uncle came into the steam room with just 2 of us in it.
He started a conversation by asking "The steam is not that hot, isn't it?"
I answered " It's okay"
Then he started "You're pretty built, huh?"

That's where I know where this is heading. I totally ignored him from then as he tried to strike a few more conversations by asking if I come often in the morning and what do I stay.

I know, I'm a total jerk but I rather be a jerk than getting jerked by him. LOL,

He ended up leaving the steam room after being ignored for a few times. Yes! So much win.

I know I'm cruel but I do think it's the nature of the game. Sure, he has all the rights to hit on me but so do I have all the rights to deny/ignore/reject him. There's no right or wrong in both parties, it's just that he's not my type and I'm taking the ignore route to reject him.

There were times where I would be lying down and an uncle or two would sit next to my leg and start touching me and I would kick their hands away. LOL.

But of course, if the guy is someone I like, he's free to touch whatever he wants. Yes yes, I'm a slut. LOL. But that would be a story for another post in the future.



Takashi said...

I was going to write something similar... except that I was ambushed..

Robb Chew said...

You can always say no. :)