Moaner & Sensitive

I won't categorize myself as  a person who had lots of sex with different guys but I think I've slept around sufficiently to tell what I really want in the other party for sex.


And I mean like moans of joy, ecstasy and whatever you call it. Those sounds make me super happy and excited to continue my drilling to find oil inside the earth. LOL. I personally moan a lil during foreplay and I bitchtalk too during sex - calling names such as 'slut', 'whore' or even role playing. Hahahaha.

What I really don't like would be someone who's quiet when the switch is on and the equipment is working. That's like wadafuq? My equipment too lousy is it? No acknowledgment ah? LOL.

Another quality would actually be sensitivity of the body.

I gotta admit that I enjoy seeing the other person respond whenever I touch anywhere of his body. Be it licking the neck, the ear, nipple, navel and other places (which my straight male readers would not want to imagine), blowing air into the ear and tease touching. The more sensitive the person is, the more awesome I feel. I know - I'm a bastard for wanting to see someone suffer (but this is considered okay right? since no S/M involved).

My ideal scenario that brings me higher than anything?

Full intercourse with me molesting his most sensitive part(s) and him moaning in pleasure.




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